Don’t touch Sherlock Holmes !

Brits love Sherlock Holmes, this is undeniable!

So in order to gain money to restor the author Conan Doyle’s house in Surrey, they have attempted to set a world record for the number of people dressed as Sherlock Holmes in one room!

Men, women and children gathered at University College London on Saturday… 113 people in total!

Record achieved? Later this week we’ll know it.. Anyway another similar event is planned in August in Leeds to collect money for a brain research centre… who will win?!

Nice ideas to fund good projects!

sherlock holmes in a room

Gli Inglesi amano Sherlock Holmes, questo è innegabile!

Così con l’obiettivo di guadagnare il denaro necessario per la ristrutturazione della casa in Surrey dell’autore Conan Doyle, hanno tentato di raggiungere il record mondiale per numero di persone vestite come il detective riunite in una stanza.

Uomini, donne e bambini si sono radunati sabato alla University College London…113 persone in tutto!

Se il record sia stato raggiunto lo sapremo in settimana.. Tuttavia un altro evento simile è programmato per agosto a Leeds con lo scopo di raccogliere soldi per un centro di ricerca neurologica…chi vincerà?!

Idee carine per finanziare bei progetti!

A day-out!

(a seguire la versione in italiano!)

Good morning to all those who are waiting for the weekend! I have a cool plan for you for the next one: a tested trip on the road across England…part of England!

First of all find your private jet (your small and cheap car!) for example on and begin at home your training in “think and act conversely”…you must drive on the left! Actually it’s more frightening to imagine it than do it, so don’t worry! Then obviously find the right company: one who will drive most of the time, one who will prepare the perfect and detailed itinerary (also the longest ever), one who will sleep in the car and one who will pay attention that the driver does not forget to be on the left English streets! Finally, make sure the phone is charged and Google maps is working!

Now you’re ready to leave!

As first destination go to Stonehenge where you will feel like in an history book. It’s better booking tickets online in advance in order to avoid queue. Take your free audioguide! Don’t be disappointed if you can’t get close to the rocks, this is possible only during the summer solstice when in the night you can sleep (and drink!) between the rocks! [London -> Stonehenge: 88.2 miles, 1 h 42 min] Continua a leggere “A day-out!”